Biggs Food Consultancy Ltd.


Services Offered


Food control plans

  • Custom Food Control Plans
  • Risk Management Programmes
  • Creation/Review and Updating
  • Fixing Problems

Risk Assessment and RECOMMENDATIoN for risk management

Guidance to your management on specific risk assessments and advice on risk management


Zoonoses Control in Poultry Operations

Strategy and practical techniques to control Salmonella, Campylobacter  and other emerging zoonoses in integrated poultry operations. Roy has an international reputation in this field and is happy to travel.


  • Advice on food safety for innovative processes.
  • Development of documentation for submission to regulatory authorities.



  • Design and completion of validations
  • Development of validation protocols - training of your team or provision of documentation for specific task


Listeria and other pathogens of cooked product operations

The control of Listeria and other pathogens and spoilage organisms in cooked product operations  - design of process, investigation, training of your team or advice and documentation.


  • Investigation of food safety or spoilage issues.
  • Problem solving - service or training for your team


short term management of technical or operations functions

Short term cover for unplanned absence or exit of key managers.